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china textile academy (cta) was


china textile academy (cta) was founded in 1956,originally affiliated to the ministry of textile industry. in 1999, cta was transformed into a large-scale high-tech enterprise directly under the central government, then was approved by the state council to join in genertec in 2009. cta is the biggest comprehensive r & d institution and high-tech enterprises group in china’s textile industry, equipped with advanced and professional instruments,facilities and trial production workshop . there are more than 3300 employees, in which the research fellows are highly educated and qualified. the national engineering research center of industrial textile, the national engineering research center of synthetic fiber, productivity promotion center of textile industry, china national textiles quality supervision testing center and standardization institute of textile industry of china are all affiliated to cta.

  in recent years, with the aim of establishing a high-tech textile industry group and technological development base for textile industry, cta has speeded up the construction of modern corporation . relying on the two-level r & d centers under group and sub-company, cta mainly engages in the basic research and technological development for general, key and future-oriented technologies in co-operation with some of the most important enterprises and universities, cta not only provides the medium and long-term technical support for the affiliated enterprises and cooperative partners, but also provides the technical enhancements and upgrading of the whole textile industry. cta has undertaken and fulfilled four national science and technology infrastructure programs, including high-tech fiber engineering technology program,textile standard and testing program, the establishment of databank for textile literature and innovation service program for textile enterprises in shaoxing , through these programs, cta can provide enterprises with technical support and technical consulting, and promote the transfer of technological achievement to the enterprises as well as provide the service in textile standards, metrology and testing.

  with the technical reform, technical innovation and expansion of production capability, the core competitiveness and market share for the three main businesses, namely, the complete set of chemical fiber and textile equipment, high-tech textiles, textile chemicals and bio-technology, are constantly increased. the annual turnover of cta in 2008 reached rmb 1.3 billion

  cta has not only established very close cooperation and extensive contact with some of the most important textile enterprises and universities nationwide, but also have established and maintained good relationship of exchange and cooperation with the almost 100 companies, universities and research institutes in about 20 countries in over 50 years’ development history.