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cttc visiting caeri


the delegation of cta (china textile academy) visited caeri (china automotive engineering research institute) on april 28-29, 2010, in chongqing. mr. zhao qiang, the president of cta, together with mr. zhuang xiaoxiong, the vice president of cta, mr. fang xijiang, the general manager of cttc, mr. wang lixin of cttc and other experts from cta attended the activities of discussion and exchange with the high manage level of caeri in the field of new textiles development and testing of interior decorative textiles for automobile.

chongqing is an importance area for car manufacturing and distribution in china. the needs of textiles and relevant testing are increased very fast in the past few years. but meanwhile, the r&d and testing for automobile interior textiles in chongqing area are still not comparable with other area such as east area of china.

cta and caeri believe that there are more room for both sides to have a close cooperation in order to develop new textiles and business of relevant testing for automobile interior textiles. both sides agree to have more dialogues and exchange in the future.

the delegates also visited some manufacturers of decorative textiles used in automobile during the visit.