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2010 annual summarization & commendation meeting of cttc


summarization & commendation meeting of cttc beijing was held in miyun, beijing on jan. 15, 2011.

in 2010, cttc made great progress in all the aspects, service quality was promoted, and business achievement reached a new record. mr. wang baojun, vice general manager, presided over the meeting. on behalf of high management level of cttc, the general manager, mr. fang xijiang, made an overall summarization on the works in 2010, and planned the key business in 2011. ms. zheng yuying, vice general manager, announced the commendation decision at the awarding ceremony for the excellent staff. during the meeting, mr. wang huan from the secretariat of standardization center made a speech representing the excellent staff.

the meeting was keeping in the exciting atmosphere, and greatly inspired enthusiasm and cohesion from the staff, created a positive culture atmosphere as well. after the summarization & commendation meeting, the staff of cttc performed entertaining programs such as dancing, singing, short play, etc. which were created by themselves.