cttc conducting symposia on gb 18401-捕鱼平台app


cttc conducting symposia on gb 18401-2010 in guangzhou and shenzhen


as a mandatory standard, gb 18401-2010 national general safety technical code for textile products has officially been issued on january 14, 2011 and will come into effect on august 1, 2011. compliance with this mandatory standard by products from enterprises is a prerequisite for distribution into the market. in order to assist textile and garment enterprises to better understand the content of the new standard, cttc conducted symposia on this standard in guangzhou and shenzhen on 24 and 25 february 2011 respectively. apparel companies and their suppliers from hundreds of well-known brands in south china attended the event. the principal speaker of these symposia was ms. zheng yuying, the main drafter of gb 18401-2010, general secretary of sac/tc209,deputy director of standardization institute of textile industry and deputy manager of cttc.

at the meeting, ms. zheng yuying focused on explaining the amended parts of gb 18401-2010 and the rationale of the amendments.  she advised enterprises how to properly use the mandatory standard in production and distribution.  she explained the content, requirements and other noteworthy issues in a vivid manner of quoting a lot of real cases as examples, which made attendees understand the new standard better.  subsequently, ms. zhang yan, the director of marketing development division of marketing center of cttc, conducted a detailed analysis and explanation on the impact of the new standard on the testing market and the procedures of supervision inspection by relevant law enforcement agencies.

also included in these symposia was analysis and explanation on the various quality problems encountered by textiles and clothing enterprises during the sales at circulation arena.  the symposia will be helpful for enterprises to promote the quality, meanwhile, received high praise from attendees.