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cttc undertaking the secretariat of iso/tc38/sc23


approved by sac, cttc and jst co-undertake the secretariat of iso/tc38/sc23. iso/tc38/sc23 is a subcommittee on fibers and yarns under iso/tc38.

iso/tc38/sc23 has 24 p-members and 13 o-members until now, which is responsible for the international standards concerning natural protein fibers, natural cellulose fibers, man-made fibers, physical test for yarns, etc. over many years, cttc has been accumulated rich experience of standardization in this field, which established the basis for undertaking the secretariat of iso/tc38/sc23.

as chinese mirror committee to iso/tc38, cttc more positively participated in international standardization in recent years. cttc actively held the meeting of textiles international standard besides participation in the iso/tc or sc meeting, undertook the secretariat of iso/tc38/sc2 (subcommittee on test methods for laundering, finishing and water resistance) in 2010, and was approved as the secretariat of iso/tc38/sc23 this year. cttc will fulfill more responsibilities and obligations in international standardization.

in order to provide the secretariat of iso/tc38/sc23 with technical support, cttc, committed by sac, will establish mirror working group to iso/tc38/sc23, responsible for organizing and coordinating domestic related parties to closely trace and participate in international standardization of sc23.