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cooperation memorandum signed between cttc and ttri


the delegation of cttc, consisting of fang xijiang, wang baojun, weng xiaoming and xu lu, visited the taiwan textile research institute (ttri) and other departments on april 17-22, 2011. the purpose of this visit is to strengthen technical exchanges of textile standardization and testing based on the consensus on the cross-straits textile industrial cooperation projects achieved in 2010.

during the visit, cttc had a conference with the senior management level of ttri. they exchanged opinions about the development of common standards for cross-strait, textile testing, textile certification and other aspects about further cooperation. based on the friendly consultation, the two sides signed a memorandum of cooperation on promoting cross-strait textile quality testing. they are going to set up counters in each other's office as agency, as well as sending samples to each other for testing. the cooperation aims at providing testing and certificating service for textile and garment manufacturers and trading companies across the straits.

during the stay, cttc and ttri co-organized a cross-straits textile mandatory standard seminar. experts from two institutions explained the standards and frequent questions in implementation related to gb18401, gb5296.4 and cns15290.

meanwhile, cttc also visited taiwan accreditation foundation (taf) and other organizations, having a wide-ranged discussion on textile testing and certification services with colleagues from taiwan.