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dr. zhao qingzhang appointed as iso/tc38 chairperson


dr. zhao qingzhang from china textile academy (cta) is appointed as the chairperson of iso/tc38 according to iso/tmb resolution 85/2011. iso/tc38 is a technical committee on textiles with 5 subcommittees, responsible for more than 300 international standards. at present, iso/tc38 has 29 p-members and 45 o-members. the secretariat of iso/tc38 is twinned by sac and jisc.

iso/tc38 chairperson plays an important role in international standardization, which is responsible for work program management of tc and sc, ensuring the implementation of a business plan and the development trend of international standards in iso/tc38. china became the permanent member of iso in 2008, which needs china to participate in international standardization more positively. undertaking iso/tc chairperson is one of the items evaluating national member’s contribution to iso.
dr. zhao was a vice president of cta in charge of r&d and textile standardization from 2003 to 2010. as an expert in the area of textiles, dr. zhao has carried out the research work for 30 years and made a great achievement especially for hi-tech fibers. the appointment as iso/tc38 chairperson is a full recognition from iso that china actively participates in international standardization, and is an important breakthrough in the process of impelling international standardization in textile industry.