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new offices established mutually in beijing and taipei


to enhance the cooperation between the two sides on textile standardizing and testing, chinatesta textile testing & certification services (cttc) and taiwan textile research institute (ttri) have recently had a lot of communication on cooperation in these aspects. based on their respective techniques, personnel, distinctive advantage and complementarities, they have signed agreements about mutually establishing new offices in each other’s company. so far the opening ceremonies have been launched in beijing and taipei.

cttc taipei and ttri beijing aim at providing service for the garment manufacturing and trading industry across the straights so as to boost its development. the two offices conduct laboratory tests after receiving orders from clients, and provide separate reports from cttc and ttri.

cttc taipei mainly conducts physical, chemical and biological tests to help taiwan clients export to the mainland, with and emphasis on the gb18401 test and label-related service which are necessary for their business in the mainland. it also provides tests regarding geotexile and automobile interior trim.

ttri on one hand provides various tests and reports for textile products exported to taiwan, while on the other hand conducts tests that are currently unavailable in mainland china, such as mosquito-proof ability, deodorization and air-filtering tests for functional textile and textile for industry use. after testing, it will provide cttc reports for mainland clients.

cttc is a subsidiary of china textile academy (cta).  it is a comprehensive service organization on the base of standardization institute of textile industry of china, which is integrated by standardization, testing, metrology and certification. passing the national inspection in 1987, it became one of the first product quality testing centers as well as the first in textile. today cttc has advanced equipment and techniques, progressive techniques and decades of testing experience.

ttri was founded in 1959 and renamed as taiwan textile research institute. apart from being a well-known textile testing center, the institute also has a professional research team that is capable to provide a full range of service for inter-industry business as environment protection, biomedicine, chemical engineering, electromechanics and automation.

the co-conducted service by cttc and ttri include:

1. cttc taipei accented-programmes:

·   gb18401 for product made in taiwan and sold to the mainland

·   testing on geotexile

·   testing on automobile interior trim

contact:  jennifer lin

address: no.6, chengtian road, tucheng district, new taipei city 23674, taiwan

        tel: 886-2-22670321#7221

        fax: 886-2-22689839


2. ttri beijing accented programmes:

·   functional textiles: electromagnetic wave shielding, light reflex, air filtering, mosquito-proof, deodorizing, absorptivity, human body and bronze body (physiological experiment)

·   industrial textiles: protection product(cut-resistance, puncture-resistance, liquid chemical penetration-resistance etc.), and textile for building, medicine, transport and clean-room use

·   environmental safety tests: skin irritation tests

contact:  zhou shixiang

address: no.3, yanjingli middle street, chaoyang district, beijing 100025 china

        tel: 8610-65002813, 65987425

        fax: 8610-65076599