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experts from cta attending the 18th iso/tc38 plenary meeting


the 18th iso/tc38 plenary meeting was held in osaka, japan from oct. 24 to 28. mr. zhao qingzhang, mr. fang xijiang, ms. zheng yuying and ms. si ying from cta attended this meeting. there are more than 40 delegates from uk, usa, france, italy, japan, south korea, china, india, portugal, south africa, kenya, etc.

during the meeting, the projects direct to tc38, tc38/sc23 and tc38/sc24 were discussed. the delegates proposed the recommendations on the future work of tc38 according to iso strategic plan 2011-2015.

china submitted three new work item proposals (nwip) and presented the brief introduction in the meeting. meanwhile, the experts were nominated to participate in revision of several iso standards. in sc23/wg meetings, the convenors of wg2, wg5 and wg6 are all from china. iso/cd 15625 electronic test method for defects and evenness of raw silk proposed by china was discussed in sc23/wg5 meeting, and reached achievement through coordination and communication with the experts from other countries.

additionally, dr. zhao qingzhang from cta, the chairman of tc38 for next term, made a speech in the tc38 plenary meeting, and presented that china will keep taking an active part in iso/tc38 work and make contribution to international standardization.