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cttc qualified as china nonwovens & industrial textiles testing center

the evaluation meeting on cttc qualified as china nonwovens & industrial textiles testing center was held on aug. 16, 2011. the meeting was organized by cnita. vice general secretary of cntac &  president of cnita mr. li lingshen,  general secretary of cnita ms. li guimei and related experts attended this evaluation meeting.
the evaluation expert group consisted of 5 experts. prof. li jialu from tianjin polytechnical university was the head of the group. during the evaluation, cttc introduced the status of preparation for the center. the group inspected the testing apparatus and the spot of lab, made an inquiry about some doubts.
after discussion, the comment of evaluation was prepared. the group presented that cttc had the basis of testing industrial textiles, meanwhile, the apparatus and relating funds could meet the needs of establishing the center, the laboratory was running in the effective qms, and cttc emphasized on the introduction and training of professional personnel. therefore, the group unanimously agreed that cttc was qualified as china nonwovens & industrial textiles testing center.
in recent years, cttc carried out testing and research of industrial textiles to improve market competence, such as geo-textiles, interior fabrics of vehicles, medical protective textiles, as well as fabric, rope, cord, string and thread used in special industry. for the moment, cttc has accumulated rich experience and established solid basis in this field.