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11 textile standards examination meeting convened in shandong


on july 12-13, 2012, sac/tc209/sc1 convened standards examination meeting in yantai, shandong. 11 textile standards were examined, such as textiles – tests for color fastness – color fastness to perspiration, etc. there were more than 60 participants, including the commissioners of sc1, the experts from textiles testing centers, scientific institutes and enterprises. in the meeting, it was honored to have invited the leaders from cntac:

ms. dou ruzhen, the director of science & technology development sector, and

mr. sun ximin, the deputy director of science & technology development sector.

as the director of sac/tc209/sc1, mr. sun ximin chaired the meeting. ms. dou presented the traits and advantages of sc1, gave a full recognition for the achievements of sc1 over several years, and introduced current emphasized work. mr. sun proposed the key points on examining the standards. ms. zheng yuying, the general secretary of sc1, overviewed the preparation of 11 standards and highlighted the significance and the requirements of examining standards.

according to the meeting agenda, the drafters firstly presented how to prepare the standards and address the collected comments. the experts in the meeting proposed the valuable advices on each standard. through the discussion and revision, 11 standards were agreed to pass examination and would be submitted to sac after modification.