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the four textile standards passing examination

on sept. 4-5, 2012, sac/tc209/sc7 convened standards examination meeting in beijing. there were more than 55 participants, including the commissioners of sc7, the experts from textiles testing centers, scientific institutes and enterprises, as well as the standard drafters.
nbsp;the general manger of cttc mr. fang xijiang chaired the meeting. the director of cnita mr. li lingsen introduced industrial textiles standardization work, and industry dynamics. he said that it was necessary to fully utilize standardization work to propel industry structure adjustment and advantageous industry development, and improve the rapid development of industrial textiles used in the areas of geosynthetics, medical health, automobile, etc.
mr. sun ximin, the deputy director of sci. & tech. dept. of cntac, emphasized the key points on examining the standards, i.e. to check if the standards would be fully prepared, coordinate with existing standards system, their orientations would be accurate, etc.
according to the meeting agenda, the drafters firstly stated how to prepare the standards and address the collected comments. the experts in the meeting proposed the valuable advices on each standard. through the discussion, the four standards, i.e.
— geosynthetics – tensile test for joints/seams by wide-width strip method;
— knitted spacer fabric for industrial textiles;
— biaxial warp-knitted polyester base fabric for tent;
— cotton spunlace nonwoven fabric
were agreed to pass examination and would be submitted to sac after modification.