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the first cross-strait textile standard group meeting held in beijing

the articles of cross-strait standards cooperation working group was developed at cross-strait standard cooperation siminar on aug. 29-30, 2011 in order to strengthen the exchange of cross-strait textile standards and to promote the collaboration of textile industry. as a result, textile standard group was established by china mainland and taiwan.
on aug. 28-30, 2012, cttc organized the first textile standard group meeting in beijing. as the experts of the group, the general manager of cttc mr. fang xijiang, and the vice director of cttc standard center ms. xu lu attended the meeting. mr. wang baojun and ms. zheng yuying, the vice general managers of cttc, were invited to this meeting.
during the meeting, the experts focused on how to improve the preparation of the cross-strait textile common-standards. the specific tasks included:
―       exchanging the standards copies;
―       developing the future work plan;
―       comparing the standards between china mainland and taiwan;
―       determining the research projects in the next stage;
―       reviewing the research achievements for 3 standards;
―       exchanging the ideas on the test methods for the textiles with electrostatic properties, moisture-absorption and heating generating properties, etc.;
―       analyzing the difference between gb18401 and cns 15290.
after the productive discussion and exchange, the meeting came to a successful conclusion on 30 aug., 2012.