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experts from cttc attending iso/tc38/sc23/wg6 meeting

on dec. 5-6, 2012, the general manager mr. fang xijiang attended iso/tc38/sc23/wg6 meeting held in shanghai. there were about 20 experts from china, korea, the uk and kenya.        
wg6 is the working group of iso/tc38 (textiles)/sc23 (fibers and yarns). in the meeting, there were three iso standard drafts to be reviewed, i.e.
-  iso/wd 17608 textiles—bare elastane yarns—determination of resistance to chlorinated water(swimming-pool water),
-  iso/wd 18066 textiles -- man-made filament yarns -- determination of the boiling water shrinkage, and
-  iso/wd 18067 textiles — synthetic filament yarns — determination of shrinkage rate in dry and hot air.
as the china mirror committee to iso/tc38 and the twinned secretariat of iso/tc38/sc23, cttc actively participates in iso standardization work. during the meeting, the experts from cttc proposed the modified comments for the above drafts and reached the consensus.